Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Aber-cruddy...why Abercrombie disgusts me

I named this blog to vent or not to vent and it seems fitting because as time passes it seems I use it mostly for this purpose. Today it is time to vent, rant, and scream from the screen....why you ask? One word....ABERCROMBIE or if you want to lengthen it to 3 words ABERCROMBIE and FITCH!

I used to shop there, and they had some cute stuff. I did however notice that their advertising was becoming more and more sleazy and for that reason I chose to stop. Same reason why I refuse to shop at Victoria's Secret with their soft-porny commercials (whole other blog:). I see no reason why Aber-cruddy's clothing advertising needs to be done WITHOUT the clothes. So I have not been a fan for a long time....but today I saw two things posted on Facebook from two different people and it infuriated me. First was basically that Aber-cruddy will not make clothes for larger women. The reason is because they don't want their brand associated with "fat" people! Huh, WHAT!?!? And before anyone in cyberspace decides it must be sour grapes because I am fat, let me say this....I modeled....even did a runway show in swimwear, not sleazy swimwear...and still I choose not to shop there! That decision was made YEARS ago, not now!

Don't believe is the article about the "fat" people

Secondly, they also thought along with fat people they should also be obnoxious to handicapped people! They took a girl who had a prosthetic arm and banished her to the stockroom because she was breaking the "look policy." Does anyone else have an issue with that?!?!?

Here is this lovely write-up

Apparently "fat" and "handicapped" people are not good enough for their clothing...oh and fat by their standards is anyone over a size 10! If I recall the average size of an American woman is a they are calling a lot of people fat!

If the ads alone aren't enough for you to stop shopping there I certainly hope these new reasons will be the icing on the cake! AND if you have a teenager who just HAS to have their clothing, here is an idea....use this as a lesson to teach your child that what they are doing is degrading to people and you want no part in that.

I have read some things regarding the CEO and how he must be trying to like get back for how he might have been treated in school...well ya know what, I don't care if the guy looked like Brad Pitt there is NO excuse for this behavior. He wants to make clothes for the "cool kids" well you know what Mike Jeffries what you are doing is more like "bullying" if we want to revert to high school behavior and your mother proud of that?!?!

I think so many girls struggle with self-esteem and eating disorders--companies like Aber-cruddy certainly aren't helping! We should be teaching our children that being beautiful on the inside far surpasses the kind of garbage Aber-cruddy is pedaling!!

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