Monday, October 13, 2014

Porn for 12 year olds????

So I am in the car this morning and I am listening to the radio. They are talking to a woman who had asked her husband to have the "sex talk" with their 12 year old son. Apparently the father handeled this "talk" by giving his 12 year old a copy of Penthouse! The mother of course thought her husband was a complete moron for doing this and she wanted to know others opinons of the situation. They asked for people to call in. I couldn't help myself on this one, so I picked up the phone. Oddly enough it actually rang and someone answered.

Then it went something like this.....I told them I was calling in about the brain dead husband who gave the kids porn. They asked me to wait a bit and so I did. Then it sounded like all 3 hosts were on and they asked me what I was calling about. I said I am calling about the brain dead husband who gave his 12 year old porn! I told them it was asinine and that I had a 6 year old son and couldn't fathom ever doing that. I said even when he is 20, you just don't give your kids PORN! It is just stupid, stupid, stupid in my opionon, then I heard clapping! They said this is kind of what they call a HSO "Hot Sports Object" something that people feel very strongly about. I said oh yes, I even get highly annoyed by the soft porn Victoria Secret commercials that I don't want my 6 year old seeing while he is watching football with his dad!

What are your thoughts on this? I only heard them air two responses, mine and another guy who was more on the fence as I guess his stupid father had done something similiar but with a show instead of a magazine!

I must have written this one a while ago and never published publishing it now =) Side Note: my son is now 10 and I am no closer to even considering giving him porn!

Friday, October 10, 2014

Black-ish: more like Trash-ish...The New Cosby...uh no, not even close!

TV is becoming trash.....I enjoy TV, movies, even the occasional podcast. I sometimes like to unwind at the end of the day and let my brain go on a semi-vacation. I don't always have the time to, but when I do....I enjoy this mostly mindless entertainment.

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We've probably all heard the old adage laughter is good for the soul (or the best medicine...or maybe both, who can really remember these things!). I am always looking for great new comedies, there is a lot of depressing stuff on TV and in life so I enjoy the time when I can sort of push that away and have a good laugh. So I was blissfully optimistic about the new ABC show Blackish, from the previews it looked cute and funny. I believe it was even compared to The Cosby Show which will always be a classic in my book, for this comparison alone I probably would have watched.

So I tuned in with bated breath and high anticipation. The first part of the show was decent, it showed a family who is going through life together, they had their successes and they had their problems, but they seemed like a fairly normal family. There were some funny moments and the acting was solid. Towards the end of the pilot episode however it was discovered the son's basic goal in life is to hold a boob?! Really! The Dad tells his son it is important for him to hold onto his culture. The son responds by saying, "honestly the only thing I am trying to hold onto right now is my first boob." What does the grandfather chime in?? "You can't be mad at him for that."
Pops and Dad think this is great, but I sat there stupefied.
I was annoyed, irritated, this really what we are glorifying these days? Holding boobs at 14 is the highest achievement one can attain? Is this really what we want for our sons? Annoyed, I thought..... I NEED to blog about this. Screaming it from the rooftops is so antiquated, right!?
The last week has been busy with my new book, Devotions for Beginning Readers releasing this month from Thomas Nelson. I have been busy working on speaking engagements, book signings etc.. so I hadn't gotten around to writing the blog.  Last night I decided to watch the second installment of the show to see if it would be any better...or worse! If I was going to take the time to blog about it, a little more research wouldn't hurt.
                                 Promotion warning =) my book that has been keeping me busy
You can imagine my shock and horror when minutes into this second installment the Dad walks in on his son masturbating. YUP...that happened. Are writers on this show really this pathetic that they have to go there to try and elicit some laughs? I am not foolish enough to think this isn't something kids go through, but to put it on a show for laughs, wow! The Cosby show was funny, but it was also clean. Their writers knew how to balance real life and humor without delving into things that are clearly inappropriate.

A 14 year old talking about Helen Mirren really "getting him there"...(no I am not making that up) funny, no.... uncomfortable, gag inducing, yes maybe. This is in no way intended to be an insult to Helen Mirren, but let's be honest when a 14 year old fantasizes about an almost 70 year old woman...well do I really need to explain this?
By the way, ABC has now ordered a full season of the moral decay will continue.
Why are writers these days getting so lazy? Why do they feel the need to throw some F bombs or in this case sexual jokes into content to try to make it more entertaining? There has got to be a better way!
Why do you think they do this? Comments welcomed below!