Sunday, September 5, 2010

Why am I blogging?

Ok, so I am that person who reads other people's blogs from time to time and thinks do many people ACTUALLY read these things. I still think the answer is probably a resounding no, but I digress....after going to the movie with my husband tonight and once again wanting to basically scream at the people behind me and posting said experience on facebook I felt the need to have another outlet.....why so hostile?? I will tell you, after all that is why I just clicked on some thing about accepting the terms and conditions to have this lovely cyber spot to post something very few people will ever see. Those terms of which I hope does not entitle Google to own my house or dog!

Hubby and I decide to go to a movie tonight. We pick the movie Takers, which is a PG-13 film. After settling in and having the previews start, previews I might add to some VERY scary, horror films, I hear a little voice behind me say "this is scary I want to go out" (DISCLAIMER, I pretty much never recall exact phrases so just assume eveything you read from here on out is a basic recap)...what does Mom (I am assuming she was his mother, if she was a babysitter she should be fired) say?? This isn't the movie! I turn around and see a boy of about 8 or 9 watching this....a few minutes pass and I hear another little voice say as the movie is starting, "is this scary?" This time I look back and see what I assume is the brother sitting on Dad's lap, this child is younger, 6 MAYBE 7! By the end of the film both are sound asleep!

Am I the only person that thinks this is not only wrong, but actually a form of child abuse?? I have seen children as young as probably 4 and 5 in R rated and PG-13 films that they have NO business seeing. If the government can tell us we can't drink until we are 21 and we can't smoke until we are 18, shouldn't there be SOME sort of a law to tell people they can't watch inappropriate things at 6 and 7? Shouldn't there be a NC-13 rating like the NC-17 or something along those lines? Or if not the government because people don't want them to interfere, at least the MPAA should step in! If parents are too ignorant to know better shouldn't someone be looking out for these poor innocent children? Are the parents too selfish to just stay home if they don't have a babysitter or do they really not see a problem with this?
Ok, venting over for the time being...I may be back, I may not, but for now at least I know this is out there and maybe just maybe someone who needs to see it will!

UPDATE 10-10-10 Went to a movie yesterday, The Town, R-rated (wanted to see Blake Lively as she has been mentioned for the film I am working on) and I see a sign posted at the box office stating that children under 6 are not permitted in R rated evening films (I believe it was referring to the fact that they may distract from the movie) so I say to my husband, well that should be all the time, not just evening shows....and I look to my left and there is a man buying 2 tickets for The Town, one adult, one child...I look down and there is a little boy probably 8 or 9, I felt like saying DID YOU HEAR WHAT I JUST SAID YOU MORON??????


  1. It seems that over-protective parenting is out! But, at the core of this, where is the basic, plain old protective-parenting? I agree with you, some adults just don't 'get it' and see no wrong in exposing little hearts & minds to inappropriate material. The problem is, it's the natural outflow from their home. [Don't get me started!] But, bringing up our kids, we guarded & guided them away from foul language, TV and movies. Too many homes, not only have no-boundaries, but, think nothing of exposing kids to inappropriate language & lifestyles. Yes, I think at the very least, our movies need further labeling, so that lack of parental boundaries, can at least be inserted at the box-office. Sad.

  2. What did you think of Blake???

  3. Sorry just seeing these comments. I agree twigramma it is sad! Intrigue I think she is a beautiful actress and she did a nice job in the film!